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Hydraulics Online, an ISO9001 accredited company, has over 75 years’ experience in supplying hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic equipment, backed up by extensive hydraulic systems design expertise. We have a truly global customer base ranging from hobbyists and business start-ups, through to household names and even the iconic Concorde. In fact, it’s actually hard to think of an industry, market or corner of the world where we haven’t been involved to date. So whether you are looking for a “standard” hydraulic cylinder or something bespoke, a one-off, or regular, reliable supplies you can be confident that our hydraulic cylinders really are “fit for purpose”.

There are many different types of hydraulic cylinder design – you can find information on some of the more popular, frequently used cylinders by using the links below. But, don’t worry if you’re not sure about which type of hydraulic cylinder you need – our experienced team can take care of that for you.

Our online catalogue showcases a small selection of the hydraulic cylinders and other products that we regularly supply… we couldn’t possibly squeeze in everything that we do! Click on the images here to view our “standard” range of: single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders, tie-rod cylinders, welded construction cylinders and marine hydraulic cylinders.

 hydraulics_mag  Hydraulics Online Catalogue CylindersWhile we call them “standard”, many of these cylinders can actually be highly customised, but if you really are looking for a bespoke hydraulic cylinder specifically designed for your task, your equipment and to your specifications then look no further! Simply complete our hydraulic cylinder design form with as much detail as you can or call our technical team to talk things through.

If you would like to find out more about us and what we do then simply use the menu links above to hop over to our main website. Our customers are our best advocates (read our testimonials and see), so be assured that whoever you are, whatever you do, if you choose Hydraulics Online your brand is in safe hands.

If you’d like to find out more about the different ways to protect your hydraulic cylinder from damage and contamination, visit our ‘Looking After your Hydraulic Cylinder‘ page.